This website has been created primarily to share our genealogy information with others who have a common link. We hope you find these pages helpful in your search!

Important to note: A large amount of information on this website has been collected through indexes, transcripts, abstracts, compilations, and other derivative sources, and should be verified using original records where possible. For more information on this topic, and to see how you can help get your family branch updated more quickly, read this page about researching the original records.

In the interest of privacy, detailed information on persons still living has been excluded from the site. If you should happen to find any exceptions to this statement, PLEASE let me know about it! With that caveat in mind, most information is included:

  • Names, dates, and places where known
  • Sources of data where known
  • Links to connected family groups
  • Map links to cemetery sites (see Charts on the menu)

Each person included on this site has their own detail page. This will make it easier to view exactly the information you are interested in. If you think you have found a possible match, or want to suggest updates or corrections to what you've found, please contact me! At the bottom of every page on this site, you will find an email link. I am constantly updating this database, and in many cases have more information than what appears here.

Note that I tend to think of the names Rivet, Rivett, and Rivette interchangeably. In a general note or discussion about the Rivettes, I can be talking about any of these spellings. Also, remember when looking up names in the master Index, to check for variant spellings. Try the Search feature which can be a helpful tool for finding people.

Welcome to our domain, and enjoy!