Etienne Rivet IV

#322, b. about 1745
Last Edited:5 Jul 2017
FatherEtienne Rivet III b. 1717, d. about 10 Apr 1779
MotherClaire Forest d. before 1763
RelationshipGreat-grandson of Etienne Rivet
ChartsDescendants of Etienne Rivet of Acadia

Outline of Life Events:

BirthEtienne Rivet IV was born about 1745 at Pisiquid, Acadia, Canada.1,2,3
AcadianDep, Imm-childrenEtienne Rivet IV and his parents and siblings were loaded onto the deportation ship Dolphin, and appear to have sailed by 23 Oct 1755, destined for Maryland.4,5
AcadianCen, childrenHe was enumerated with parents Etienne Rivet III and siblings, in the 7 Jul 1763 Acadian census at Upper Marlborough, MD.5
AcadianTran, Imm-childrenEtienne Rivet IV was transported with his father and siblings on 5 Jan 1769 from Port Tobacco, MD. After a harrowing journey by sea and then overland, taking nearly a year, they finally arrived at Natchitoches, Louisiana on 24 Oct 1769.6,5,7
MilitaryEtienne Rivet IV served in the military between 1770 and 1771 at Iberville Parish, LA, as a member of the Colonial militia.3


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