Joseph Omer Rivet

#1642, b. 27 Jul 1844, d. 8 May 1884
Last Edited:22 Jul 2017
FatherLouis Rivet b. 5 Sep 1789, d. 6 Feb 1848
MotherMarie Henriette LeBlanc b. about 1802
Relationship3rd great-grandson of Etienne Rivet
ChartsDescendants of Etienne Rivet of Acadia

Children of Joseph Omer Rivet and Mary Anna Fischer

Research Notes:

     There are discrepancies regarding Joseph Omer Rivet's death and the birth of his last 3 children. He died 8 May 1884 and was buried in Plaquemine, according to his wife Mary in her application for pension. However, she had three children after this death date, all claiming him as their father. The first child was born in Nov 1884, 6 months after her husband's death. OK, this makes sense, but what about the next two, Josephine Olivia in 1888 and Dora Elizabeth in 1891. Who is really the father of these girls? Were they adopted from another Rivet relative?
     Or, it could be that Mary wrote down the wrong year for his death. Maybe it was really 1894. That would solve all questions regarding the children. (Note, I did take a close look at the pension application, and it clearly shows 1884.)
     We probably should try to get copies of the 3 children's birth records to confirm what was actually recorded. Also need to redouble my efforts to find Omer's death record, which we may be able to find at the church where he was buried. Nothing has been found in the BRDA or SWLR volumes.
     There are also discrepancies regarding her supposed second marriage to Wm. E. Hedger 19 Mar 1898 in Iberville parish. On the 1900 census in Iberville parish, she is the wife of William Hedges, and these 3 youngest children are living with them, shown as step-daughters to William. He was quite a few years older than her, and may have died between the 1900 and 1910 censuses, because in 1910 she is Mary Hedges, widowed, living with her son Edwin.
     Note: a William Hedges is also found in 1910 in Iberville parish, living with a wife of 10 years, Edorite, and children ages 7/12 to 11 yrs. Although he would have been the same age as Mary's William, I am currently assuming that this was not the same William. However, the age is a match and it is technically possible that he and Mary could have divorced immediately after the 1900 census. It would be a good idea to research William to verify whether or not there were two Williams of a similar age.
     In 1915 when Mary applied for confederate pension, she claimed she had never remarried. It is possible that she may have lied about it in order to collect the pension, since she would have been ineligible for it otherwise.
     Another item of note is in Mary's death record. The death index (index available on shows her spouse's name as Joseph Rivet. So, did the informant for her death (whoever that may have been) give Joseph Rivet as her spouse, even though she had been since remarried and divorced? This would make sense, especially considering it was probably one of her children who was the informant for the death certificate.
     All that said, there is another possibility that the the Mary Fisher/William Hedges marriage was for a different Mary. The BRDA extract for the Fisher-Hedges marriage shows Mary's parents as Joseph Fisher and Mary Matedan. Since Joseph and Mary were such common names, and Fisher is also common, this could be an entirely different Mary from ours. But one of the witnesses for the marriage was Edwin Rivet, which is the name of her oldest son, who would have been about 19 years of age at the time.
     So it's all a bit confusing, and needs more research to nail down what's going on with this family.

Outline of Life Events:

OccupationHe was a store clerk.
BirthJoseph Omer Rivet was born on 27 Jul 1844 at Iberville Parish, LA.1
BaptismHe was baptized on 13 May 1845 at St. Gabriel Catholic Church in St. Gabriel, Iberville Parish, LA. Sponsors were Joseph Tresimond Rivet and Marie Mathilde Purdy.1
Census1850, household memberJoseph Revett (given age 6) was enumerated on 30 Aug 1850 as a household member living with Martain Stewart (given age 59, born Pa.), Madam Revett (given age 48) (his mother), and siblings on the 1850 Census at Iberville Parish, LA. The official date for this census was 01 June 1850.2
Communion1Joseph Omer Rivet received First Holy Communion on 15 May 1858 at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, Plaquemine, Iberville Parish, LA, at age 13.
Census1860, household memberJoseph Rivet (given age 10) was enumerated in the household of Harriet Rivet (given age 60) on the 1860 Census at Plaquemine, Iberville Parish, LA.3
MilitaryJoseph Omer Rivet served in the military between 1862 and 1864 as a Confederate soldier in Company I of the Iberville Guards, 30th Louisiana Regiment. He enlisted 12 Sep 1862 at Plaquemine, Louisiana and served until 17 Dec 1864 at Nashville, Tennessee. NOTE: There are discrepancies which indicate that the service records for at least two Joseph Rivets may have been mixed up.4,5
Census1870Joseph O. Rivette (given age 26) was enumerated on the 1870 census as the head of a household, living alone, in Plaquemine, Iberville Parish, LA.6
MarriageHe married Mary A. Fisher, daughter of Joseph Fischer and Mary Anna Schoettgen, on 25 Oct 1877 at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church at Plaquemine, Iberville Parish, LA. Witnesses were Mariana Schlitzberger, T. Rivet, Sophie Kornmeyer, Edgar Marix, Christien Fischer, J. H. Shanks, L. M. Verbois, Dr. M. J. Lehman, Mrs. Dr. Lehman, and Pamelia Rivet.1,7
Census1880Joseph Rivet (given age 33) was enumerated on the 1880 census as the head of a household, living in Plaquemine, Iberville Parish, LA, with his wife Mary Rivet (given age 23), son(s) Edwin Rivet (given age 1), brother-in-law Christian Fisher (given age 20), mother-in-law Mary Fisher (given age 49).8
DeathJoseph Omer Rivet died at age 39 on 8 May 1884 in Plaquemine, Iberville Parish, LA.4,9
BurialHe was buried at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church Cemetery in Plaquemine, Iberville Parish, LA.4


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