Pierre Templet1

#5386, b. 24 Sep 1862
Last Edited:28 Dec 2015
FatherJean Tamplet1 b. 10 Mar 1821
MotherZeolide Brez1 b. about 1838
Relationship4th great-grandson of Etienne Rivet
ChartsDescendants of Etienne Rivet of Acadia

Children of Pierre Templet and Elisa Landry

Research Notes:

     Are Pierre and Belizaire Templet the same person? Two different people? Siblings? Twins?
- 1862 birth: I have found one and only one birth record, giving the name of Pierre Belizaire Templet, 24 Sep 1862.
- 1870 census in St. Mary parish, "Brashear City" post office (now Morgan City), shows "Bellisaire Tompley" with parents and siblings (but no Pierre).
- 1880 census in Lafayette parish, La. - shows "Beltezar" with his parents and family (no Pierre).
- Oct 1880 marriage for Pierre Templet (parents Jean Templet and Zeolie Bray) to Elisa or Lydia Landry, with children 1881-1894.
- 1891 marriage for Belisaire Templet (parents Jean Templet and Zolide Brez) to Louise C. Telotte, with children 1893-1899.
- 1900 census in Houston, Texas - Bill Templet, age 38, with wife Louise and daughters Agnes, Idell, Stella.
- 1910 census in Houston, Texas - B. Templet, age 45, with wife Louise and daughters Agnes, Idell, Stella.
- 1920 census in Houston, Texas - B. Templet, age 58, with wife Louise and daughters Agnes, Idell, and Stella.
- 1930 census in Houston, Texas - William B. Templet, age 68, with wife Louise C. and daughters Agnes Templet and Odell Tucker, and granddaughter Bettie Tucker.
- 1940 census in Houston, Texas - Belasair Tamplet, age 78, with wife Louise and daughters Agnes Tamplet and Idell Tucker, and granddaughter Betty L Tucker.
- 1941 - His daughter Agnes died in Houston. He is mentioned on the death certificate as "B. Templet", and was the informant.
- 1972 - His daughter Idell Tucker died in Houston. He is mentioned on her death certificate as "Bellagoire Peter Templet". This is mighty close to both Belizaire and Pierre, and leads one to believe that Pierre and Belizaire are the same person. This is the only record aside from the Hebert birth record that has both Pierre/Peter and Belizaire/Bellagoire combined within the same record.

Side note: It seems easy to conclude that the name "Belizaire" could have been shortened to "Bill", which could then have become "William" in some records. Food for thought...

The main conflict in all of this is that both Pierre and Belisaire are having children during an overlapping period (1891-1894) with different spouses. In the children's birth records, their father was consistently named either Pierre (with Landry wife) or Belisaire (with Telotte wife) and never are confused. This loosely pointed me to considering that they could be two different siblings, possibly twins. Note that the following children conflict:
- Marie Eveela (possibly Eva Ella) Templet, born in 1892 to Pierre and Lydia.
- Interestingly, there is one child named Agnes in each marriage, both with similar birth dates although a year apart. Belizaire and Louise had Agnes Mamie Templet 21 Oct 1893 (their first known child). Pierre and Lydia had Therese Agnes Templet 23 Oct 1894 (their last known child). Hmmm...

Another possibility is that Pierre and William/Bill/Belizaire are from two different families from the same area and have been confused in the records. Even though the two marriages show them to be from the same parents, and therefore siblings (or different names for the same person), it's possible that the parents could be incorrect for one of the marriages.

For now at least, I have decided to leave them as two separate siblings and have named them as Pierre and William Belizaire, both born same date. Additional searching needs to be performed for the following:
- census records 1900-1940 (LA and TX) should be searched for Pierre, whom I have not yet found in any census.
- census records 1900-1940 for the children of Pierre Templet and Elisa/Lydia Landry. Where are Lydia and the children after 1894 (birth of last known child for this marriage)?
- check for other Pierre Templet's born about the same time (ca 1862). Possibly some or all of the children of Lydia Landry are actually of a different marriage that got confused with this one.
- check for other Belizaire Templet's born about the same time (ca 1862).
- search for a death record for Elisa/Lydia Landry Templet.
- Look for death/obituary for Pierre's and Belizaire's children. Maybe they would provide additional clues to family relationships.
- death records - Need to search the South Louisiana Records series by Fr. Hebert. I have seen a reference on an Ancestry Family Tree to a death for Pierre in SLR volume 7, on 19 Sep 1894, with burial at Amelia, St. Mary Parish, LA (St. Andrew). Other unsourced references indicate death on same date in Gibson, Terrebonne Parish, LA. Some show him as Belizaire, others as Pierre. Several have no spouse, or have mis-matching children from what I have. This hints that maybe there is another Pierre or Belizaire Templet in the mix.

If it turns out that they are the same person, discrepancies will need to be resolved... If there's anyone out there with relevant information, I'd love to hear from you!

Outline of Life Events:

BirthPierre Templet was born on 24 Sep 1862 (?) At Morgan City, St. Mary Parish, LA.1
MarriageHe married Elisa Landry, daughter of Lucien Landry and Octavie Aucoin, on 30 Oct 1880 at Morgan City, St. Mary Parish, LA.1


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