Important Note About Sources

A large majority of the information on this website has been collected through derivative sources, including transcripts, abstracts, and indexes. Original records have been consulted in some cases, especially with research conducted in the last few years. Some derivative sources are considered to be very reliable, but it is necessary to take the next step to obtain or consult original records in order to confirm that every individual has been correctly assigned to their associated events.

This is a painstaking process that ideally should be done for all individuals on this website, and doing so will greatly enhance the quality of information you find here. Unfortunately, it will take a good deal of time and money, neither of which are in abundant supply.

The good news is, I am in the process of reviewing relevant original documents whenever possible, and in many cases obtaining copies of them.

It is somewhat arbitrary as to which individuals will be worked on first. In general, I am more likely to work on records in batches from a given repository, such as a church or courthouse register, or microfilm series. In order to confirm as much as possible as quickly as possible, less priority will be given to verifying record abstracts and indexes which include names of parents. This includes Louisiana records compiled by Father Donald Hebert, those published by the Baton Rouge Diocese of the Catholic Church, the Acadian work of Dr. Stephen A. White, and others. Highest priority will be given to verifying conclusions derived from less informative sources, such as unsourced websites, simple name/date indexes, etc.

In cases where the verification process has discovered a significant error, such as a person connected to the wrong family, a special note for that person or family will be included to explain the new findings. So far to date, this has been a rare occurrence, but there are still plenty more records to be verified!

You can help speed up this process for your family! If you have in your possession originals or copies of documents pertaining to individuals and events on this website, or for individuals that should be on this website but are missing, please contact me!  I welcome all scanned and emailed documents! Your participation in this effort accomplishes three results:

  1. Your particular family branch would be verified more quickly.
  2. Usually when I receive information about an individual or family, my focus will turn to that family for a period of time. So your family may have additional research done on it, in addition to whatever you have provided.
  3. The time and money saved would allow me to do more research.

I look forward to and welcome hearing from anyone who would like to help with this effort!