What's Coming?

These items are not necessarily in order of priority, but I do have plans to work on them at some point over the next year or two... or three.

  • Clean up and verifiy Mingus and Barnhisel family information.
  • Continue to correct the burial names of married women to be the names they had at their time of burial, for the cemetery maps. Many are still listed with their birth names.
  • Additional Fulton County, Indiana obituaries for the period 1914-2009 for Davis, Morgan, and Hoffman families.
  • Continue a review of Stephen A. White's Dictionnaire Genealogique Des Familles Acadiennes to correct outdated information with the latest source data available, for all Acadian ancestors. (This has been slow going, but is in progress...)

The following items are longer-term projects. I can't promise when or if they will ever get done, but they are at least on the drawing board.

  • Provide digital copies of source documents where available. That's over 2,800 files and climbing, so it may be awhile before I figure out how I'm going to manage them on the website.
  • Convert the current "outline" format for certain individual person pages to a "narrative" style, as the research for those people is essentially complete. Photographs will also be added for the selected people.
  • Add individual family details regarding the Acadian expulsions and resettlements for the period 1755 through 1780.