What's New?

The current (and now permanent) location for this website at RivetteFamily.com was obtained in January of 2010. There have been three different web addresses prior to that, spanning the period from about the late 1980s through 2009. The following change history only covers major updates since January 2010.

01 Apr 2017 to 06 Nov 2017

  • Additions and revisions from newspaper obituaries for various Rivet families.
  • Updates to Indiana birth and death records for Barnhisel family members.
  • Several updates to Acadian ancestors, including Cormier, Comeau, Landry, LaGrange, Hebert, Johnson, Neraut, and other families.

22 Aug 2016 to 30 Mar 2017

  • Updates to narratives and other information for several individuals and families. (Most of these updates do not appear on this site, which is not in narrative format.)

12 Jul 2016 to 21 Aug 2016

  • Continuing improvements for mobile-friendly pages
  • Updates to the Francois Rivette and Marie Dora Guilbeau family

30 Nov 2015 to 11 Jul 2016

  • Redesigned main home page to be more mobile-friendly and for easier reading
  • Minor updates for the Mingus family, with additional research and verifications in progress
  • Updates for several Rivette family members
  • Some updates for the Schlatre family
  • Updates for the Barnhisel family
  • Several new census entries, scattered across families
  • Updated details on some Acadian families, for about 125 individuals

06 Jul 2014 to 29 Nov 2015

  • Updates to the family of William Briley and Marie Cora Hargroder
  • Updates to the family of Albert Medine and Modeste Rivette
  • Added 1940 census events for about 450 people
  • Added 1930 census events for about 150 people
  • Added more birth/baptism, marriage, death and burial events from the BRDA "red books"
  • Lots of miscellaneous updates

10 Mar 2014 to 05 Jul 2014

  • Added nearly 300 birth/baptism, marriage, death and burial events for about 100 people from the Baton Rouge Catholic Diocese (BRDA) "red books", including the recently-published book on Baptisms 1901-1905
  • Added 1910 census events for 3 Rivet families that were erroneously indexed (on Ancestry.com) as River

30 Sep 2013 to 09 Mar 2014

  • Added WWII draft registrations for about 30 men
  • Updates to the Martin Wilmont Rivet family

29 Apr 2013 to 29 Sep 2013

  • Additional updates to the Todd-Rivette family
  • Updates to the Creswell-Ducharme family
  • Lots of scattered work along several branches

14 Oct 2012 to 28 Apr 2013

  • Hargroder family updates and additions
  • Creighton family updates and additions
  • Updates to the Aldes and Eve Rivet family
  • Updates to the family of Bernice Rivette Todd and Clinton Marcus Todd

13 Aug 2012 to 13 Oct 2012

  • Some 1940 census additions
  • Barnhisel, Morgan, Davis and related additions from various censuses

02 Jul 2012 to 12 Aug 2012:

  • Updates and additions to the families of Zita Mae Schlatre; Wallace and Mary Sanchez Rivet; and Joseph Aldes Rivet, based on recent correspondence.
  • Additional updates to Whaley-related families
  • A few additional 1920 and 1930 census additions

21 Apr 2012 to 01 Jul 2012:

  • Additions based on new Ancestry.com hints
  • Updates and additions to Whaley-related families based on recent correspondence.
  • Updates and additions to Hargroder-related families, based on correspondence and meeting a new cousin preparing for a family reunion!
  • Scattered census updates in preparation for 1940 census work

01 Apr 2012 to 20 Apr 2012:

  • Added a new SEARCH feature to the website!
  • The 1930 census review is completed. Reviewed and/or added about 370 people. (Note, these completed reviews do not mean all people in my database who were in the census have been entered. It only means that I am caught up with my data entry for the people I have looked for and found to this point. Some of this backlog dated back to 2004!)
  • Updates and additions on Anderson, Bjorkgren, and Rivette families based on recent correspondence.
  • Other scattered changes, mostly related to the census review.

04 Jul 2011 to 31 Mar 2012:

  • Completed the review and entry of U.S. census data for people that were found in the 1850-1880 censuses.
  • Reviewed and added family data for 1900 census (Louisiana) - about 350 people.
  • Reviewed and added family data for 1910 census (mostly Louisiana) - about 325 people.
  • The 1920 census review is completed. Reviewed and/or added about 370 people.
  • The 1930 census review is about 25% complete, with about 100 families remaining to be updated or added.
  • No other concentrated work, just a scattering of changes from obituaries, SSDI, and state vital records, as I found them.

14 Dec 2010 to 04 Jul 2011:

  • U.S. World War I draft registrations modified or added for about 170 people, including additional details such as occupation and physical description.
  • U.S. World War II draft registrations added for 45 people.
  • U.S. Census records (1850-1930) - added new information for about 100 people. Made random revisions and added image references for many others.
  • Cemetery GPS locations completed for all cemeteries, except those for which I could not determine a location.
  • Some vital records added for people in North Carolina and Missouri.

18 Oct 2010 to 14 Dec 2010:

  • Over 500 Residence tags were modified to give a bit of context for where the information came from (mostly from obituaries and death certificates).
  • Cemetery GPS locations were updated for cemeteries in the states of Indiana through Virginia (except Texas, in progress).
  • Barnhisel and related obituary information from Fulton County, Indiana newspapers, 1914-2009 (from about 40 obituaries) was added.
  • Added church names to over 200 events - Louisiana baptisms, marriages, and burials.